Humanitarian Life works with NGO’s, non-profits, banks, financial service organizations and re-insurance specialists to promote inclusive finance programs and microfinance initiatives.

Sustainable economic growth and the reduction of poverty, wealth inequality, and the development of essential social infrastructure, from healthcare to education, are all in large part, driven by the prevalence of inclusive finance.

In this context, financial inclusion refers to individuals and small enterprises being able to access financial services from banks to finance products in a fair and well regulated environment.

There are currently over 2 billion people who are essentially excluded from formal financial services and who consequently remain trapped in a cycle of poverty and inequality with the inevitable social consequences.

Humanitarian Life is committed to the development and principles of inclusive finance. From Microloans to Microinsurance, Humanitarian life works with NGO’s and for profit organizations to help design and implement programs to help low income populations.

Increasing access to financial products and services, particularly where financial and social infrastructure are limited, is a crucial component of economic development. Microinsurance products provide the stability poorer communities need to create real economic growth and opportunity. To find out more, please see our micro insurance page


If your organization would like to explore collaborative opportunities in the microfinance field, please contact us


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