Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Humanitarian Life is pleased to present an important addition to the insurance product line-up for aid workers and people working in volatile or dangerous locations.

Created for Humanitarian Life by London based insurance brokerage Panorama, the K&R policy is a customized product / service designed to provide protection for individual aid workers, missionaries and employees of non-profits operating in challenging locations of the world.


Policy benefits include:

  • Cover against kidnap, ransom, personal accident (as a result of a kidnap), loss of earnings, express kidnap, threat expenses, computer virus loss of earnings and disappearance
  • Essential contingency cover for companies or individuals working in emerging or post-conflict regions
  • ‘A’ rated through Lloyds of London
  • Kidnap and ransom protection
  • Accidental death and disability as a result of a kidnap incident covered
  • Loss of earnings available
  • Express kidnap covered
  • Threat expenses covered 
  • Computer virus loss of earnings covered
  • Disappearance covered
  • Panorama is one of the leading insurance brokers for emerging markets and works with Humanitarian Life specifically for this service

Unique & flexible

Because no location or situation is the same and because circumstances can change dramatically at a moment’s notice, all aspects of the K&R product service are designed with territorial experience and flexibility in mind.  That’s why every policy is designed for your unique circumstances.  

For companies working in higher risk locations, Kidnap and Ransom insurance offers a cost-effective solution for insuring against the worst-case scenario and to pay for third party assistance to resolve a crisis.

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