The following policies are provided by ‘A’ rated international insurance companies and were selected for their type of cover, price and suitability for humanitarian aid workers.

Unless otherwise stated, products are available no matter where you live or where you are going and can be purchased individually or for groups.

Have a look and see what you should take along on your journey! 

Travel Insurance

Travel policies for every situation: short trip, long term, multiple trips, individuals, groups, missionaries, plus medical, inside or outside the US.

International Medical Cover

Flexible medical policies, for individuals or groups living or working abroad. Worldwide cover, variable deductibles and choice of provider

Group Quotes

Travel, Medical, Life, Disability and comprehensive employee benefits plans for expats and local nationals for NGO’s, non-profits and mission groups

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

A policy designed to help get you back home in the event the unthinkable happens.

Term Life Insurance

To protect the people we love and make sure their lives can continue in the event you’re no longer there 

Type of Traveler

Students & scholars

Policies for students studying outside their home country, and non US students studying in the US.

Missionaries and Mission Groups

Worldwide medical policies for missionaries and their families. Including medical cover, evacuation and repatriation.


Some providers have products specifically designed for nationals from certain regional markets.  This enables advantageous price structures and specific schedule of benefits.  

US Nationals & US Residents

 The 8 Travel Medical options from Geo Blue listed here offer specific options for US Nationals and US residents. 


The following are some common questions about policies offered on Humanitarian Life. We’ve tried to be as detailed as possible, however if you would like more information please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll reply by return.

1. Why did HL select these policies?

HL was initially established as a platform for individual aid workers. Most organizations have corporate infrastructure like HR departments and resources available for staff that independent contractors and volunteers don’t have access to, but need just as much. 

So to help independent contractors and volunteers we looked for products and services that are difficult and time consuming to identify and put them all in one place.  The insurance policies we identified incorporate a broad range of different variables; from flexible benefits, to wide ranging adjustable deductibles, specific geographical cover and low premiums, to unique protection for specific types of events. 

Additionally we only wanted to offer products that came from highly rated organizations with established track records and outstanding consumer reviews; and of course were also simple to purchase online.  

2. Are these the best possible policies?

All the policies that appear on the HL site are offered by ‘AAA’ rated companies and have the benefits and flexibility that are particularly helpful to aid workers.  There are many policies in the market to choose from. We made our selection based on types of benefit, flexibility, price, historical performance and consumer satisfaction. Ease of use and communication were also big factors for us.

3. Will other products be available on HL?

The product line is under constant review. Whenever we see alternative or additional products that could be of value to aid workers and meet our standards, we will showcase them on HL.

4. Is HL an insurance broker?

No, HL is an independent online service platform. We offer a range of products and services for individual aid workers and non-profit organizations. However, because of our background in insurance and international finance we understand the importance of insurance. We have close working relationships with several brokers and insurance companies, and we can and do, call on a large network of financial experts for guidance.

5. Can I write to HL if I have any problems?

Yes you can.  We are in contact with all the product providers on the site and while we don’t take responsibility for the performance of their products, we certainly do take our responsibility to all our site visitors very seriously and we will do everything we can to help resolve any problems that might arise.  (It may be helpful for you to know, to date there have not been any.)

6. Does HL have a commercial relationship with the insurance companies?

HL has relationships with all the product and service providers on the site.  After all we selected them and approached them with a view to bringing their products to the attention of our visitors. 

HL visitors always receive the most competitive prices available in the market. There are no surcharges or hidden fees in any products or services offered on HL for any product or service.  

7. Why do I need travel insurance?

You could make a perfectly good argument why you don’t if you knew that you would never be sick or have an accident. But, if you ever get sick or injured in a remote location and need emergency medical attention or evacuation, or if you lose all your documents, your phone and laptop or had your ticket or other documents stolen; you might be very grateful that you do.

Looking at risks with more attention than usual is part of the reality of being an aid worker; especially if you are on assignment in an economically underdeveloped country. In the same way you might be more careful about what you eat when you’re a long way from home, so you are probably more careful about the risks you take and the steps you take to mitigate them. 

 If you are an independent humanitarian worker without the benefit of a corporate HR department to fall back on, a good travel policy is essential.

8. Why are there so many different travel policies?

There are probably as many different policies as there are different types of journeys and travellers.  You need to make the choice of policy based on your circumstances and what’s most important to you. 

For instance, is it access to US or European medical care you want, or is it never having to pay for anything at all? Do you need to be covered for accidents only, or are you concerned about medical conditions you already have? Or, is the most important thing simply having the lowest possible premium?  Do you need coverage for one single trip or for many trips throughout the year?

Comparing the different policies outlined on the insurance page will show you the type of traveller they are intended for and allow you to choose the one that most suits your circumstances.  Still confused? Drop us a line on the ‘Contact Us’ form and we’ll get right back to you.    

9. What is a GEO SM Group policy?

Although the HL platform was initially built to support individual aid workers, the HL platform also offers products for NGO’s and other organizations looking to provide employee benefit programs for their staff. 

The GEO SM Group policy and the MP+ International policy are two such products. They are health insurance policies designed to be part of a corporate employee benefit program. Additionally, we can develop customized employee benefit programs for any group or corporation.

10. In the Geo SM Group form it asks if I am the producer of record, what does that mean?

 In this corporate questionnaire, the ‘producer of record’ refers to where the request for a quote is coming from.  In this case the answer to the first 2 questions on page 1 of the form is ‘NO’, you are not the producer of record and NO, you are not licensed with IMG.


If you have questions or comments about any of the insurances products offered on Humanitarian Life, please use the contact form below and we’ll reply by return. 

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