We hope you enjoy the Humanitarian Life product selection!  We chose these because of recommendations from colleagues and visitors to the site and because they’re all items we wished we had at some point during our travels and assignments. We’ll be changing the line-up all the time, so please check back regularly to see what’s on offer.

Sleep accessoires

$38,99 – $59,80

Silk sleeping bag liner

Lightweight and compact
liner for hotels & hostels

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Sleeping bag liner

Polyester travel sheet
ideal for use in hotels & hostels

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Inflatable Travel Pillow

More comfort while travelling
Avaible in multiple colors

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Simple Earplugs

ThermoFoam earplugs
for noise reduction

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The North Face Sleeping Bag

Mummy design
Ideal for colder climates

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Coleman Sleeping Bag

Affordable sleeping bag
For warm/moderate climates

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1 Liter Water Bottle 

Unbreakable Nalgene bottle,
BPA free

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1.2 Liter Thermos Flask

Keeps drinks cool/warm for up to 24 hours

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Water Purification Tablets

disinfects and makes

potable drinking water,

works within 5 minutes

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Sawyer Water Filter

Removes 99% of all bacteria, drinking pouch included

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Suitcases, backpacks & travel accessories


Black Carry-On suitcase

20-inch suitcase with hard case outer shell

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Lowe Alpine 65+ backpack

Functional, versatile & reliable backpack

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The North Face Duffel

Large capacity duffel bag, ideal as luggage hauler

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$40,00 – 55,00

Backpack travel cover

Keep your backpack and its contents safe while travelling

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Travel Bottle Set

Leak proof containers for
liquids. Carry-on compliant

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Neck pillow

More comfort while waiting and flying

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Sun hat with mosquito net

Protection against the sun and against bugs

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Large mosquito net

Sleep soundly! Protection from bugs & mosquitoes during the night

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Insect Repellent

Long-lasting protection against mosquitoes

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Anti-Itch Gel

Provides soothing relief from itching

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Money & travel documents


Leather RFID-Blocking Wallet

Secure and functional,
avaible in multiple colours

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Anti-Theft Travel Wallet

Secure neck pouch,

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Money Belt

Secure, hidden & functional,
Avaible in multiple colours

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First aid & medicine 


205-Piece First Aid Kit
Compact first aid kit, ideal for travel and at home

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Blister Cushions
5 blister cushions,
instant pain relief

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Low dose Aspirin
Pain reliever,
easy to swallow

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Sunscreen Lotion
Pack of 2,
Water resistant & SPF 45

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Toiletry Bag
Hanging toiletry bag,
compact & durable

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Universal travel charger
Supports all devices, anywhere in the world

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Pocket Size Flashlight
Compact, durable
and bright

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Black Diamond Spot,
175 hour burn time

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Unisex Sunglasses

Polarised lenses,
multiple colours available

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Compact and waterproof
10 x 25

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Multifunctional Headwear
Use as a headband, balaclava and more

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