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Humanitarian Life works with a select group of insurers and underwriters to offer customized international employee benefit solutions for expatriates, local nationals and third country nationals across varying regulatory environments around the world.

In particular, for group insurance solutions, Humanitarian Life works in close partnership with IBU, a leading international benefits consulting firm and Managing General Underwriter (MGU) with authority to issue policies on behalf of certain, highly rated insurers and reinsurers.


Depending on the risk profile, coverage, locations, employee composition (expat, TCN and/or local national) Humanitarian Life works with IBU, insurers and reinsurers to offer the best terms in the market.

As an independent group, with roots firmly established in the nonprofit sector, we understand the challenges NGO’s and international nonprofit organizations face in providing cost effective employee benefit programs and so we work with American, European and international carriers to design international plans for both individuals and groups.

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Group quotes

Because every group is unique, with different ages, locations, nationalities, work responsibilities and so on, it’s impossible to provide accurate quotes without first obtaining some basic information.  The following questionnaires ask you for the basic details of your group that will enable us to provide an accurate quote.  As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of these group policies, send us a message via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you by return.


Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance

International Medical Group

Outreach Group Travel Medical Insurance

International Medical Group

Patriot America Plus Group Insurance

International Medical Group

Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance

International Medical Group


International Medical Group

Patriot Exchange Program

International Medical Group


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