About Us

Our Roots

are in emerging markets, in non-profit projects and development programs, insurance and microfinance. 

Humanitarian Life is an online platform of products and services for aid workers, volunteers, NGO’s and non profits and anyone working in the non-profit world. 

The Humanitarian Life team have all worked in the field and have decades of experience working in the sector. 

Humanitarian Life is an independent service platform and microfinance consultancy.     

Humanitarian Life

  • A group of humanitarian workers from various disciplines and backgrounds, working together to offer unique products and services for humanitarians

  • A group of people committed to sourcing the best products and services for the greatest possible impact at the lowest possible prices

  • A portal to the latest news, editorials, blogs and twitter commentary in the world of humanitarian endeavor

  • A marketplace of innovative products to ease the challenges of working abroad
  • A resource for job searches, with links and advisory blogs

  • A source of expertise about insurance for individual aid-workers, NGO staff and employee benefit programs for local nationals working for NGO’s

  • A facilitator in microfinance initiatives, helping to finance, support and re-insure inclusive finance programs